Playing along to those who asked us: “Are you twins?”, and then laughing whit those who surprised when we told them how many years exists between us, it was when I started to think if maybe, despite we are not really twins, we are soulmate connected by heart, mind, and soul…


Because there is a lot of coincidences, and similar and of course completely opposite things, For sure! But, undoubtedly we are “Soul twins” very complementaries, and I have no doubt that if my parents had not left her on the over for a couple more years, surely we would have gone out into the world at the same time, because believe it or not, we have a connection sooo deep that sometimes it scares us, hahaha.


When you have a soulmate, you are capable to feel a super-strong energy which moves you very inside when some of you are in a bad mood, sad, frustrated, or even when some of you are happy, with many things to tell or when you just want to listen to each other, when you don’t have any desired of doing something or when you want to do anything and that desired invades your whole body to the bones. When you have a Soulmate you have an extra hand at the other side of the world, forever and ever. Having a Soulmate is like… You have a “Jiminy Cricket” (have you ever seen Pinocchio movie) who supports you when you make a good decision or take great paths but also, who scolds you when you are screwing it up and you are making a horrible mess, that inside little voice who takes you by the safe path but sometimes decides to take you by a detour while teaching you that it is ok, that is ok being sad, feel broke and screwed inside, but is not ok staying log time on the mud, that voice is who teach you that you have to go out of the mud, do it again, trying as many times as you need it, and fall down thousand more times to learn, stumble to overcome and cry to relive.

When you have a Soulmate you have everything! You can not ask for more to the Universe, because it already rewarded you with the best that it has, because out there are very few people who have the fortune to have a soulmate, and also, because now is your turn to return to the universe (as someone taught me) a little bit of love, patience, comprehension, tolerance, and why not? even a second or third chances, maybe with people who do not really deserve, however when you have a Soulmate and also your life is sounded by many great things and people, you learn that you should be nice and gentle with everybody, not because of those people who do not deserve, but you should be nice and gentle because this is your sign of gratitude with the universe, that is your retribution for the lots of moments, experiences, memories, and love that is growing inside of you when you have your soulmate close to you, and I’m not just talking about physical space, I’m also talking about the spiritual connection that will be with you for the rest of your life, that connection that you can feel just closing your eyes wherever you are which lets you know that both of you are pretty close, feeding that huge love that you are feeling from heart and traveling for your whole body. I’m talking about that impulse which you receive from your soulmate, the someone which moves you to teach, learn, and even, re-learn, from that person that life gave to you, and in my case… That awesome, gorgeous and beautiful people whom from 20 years give me the privilege to named Sister, my dear sister, my lovely twin, my Chiqui of my hear!


***You can find the Spanish version in my previous post.***

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