The first time that I heard this quote it made like a loop in my mind, I started to remember all the time that I have liked somebody and certainly, I compared those with the few times that I have really loved someone. 

I know this world is full of cliche articles and most of us do not want to fall in the same hole. But! I felt the impulse to write about this today, because I understood that believe it or not, being part of the bunch is not bad, and less not when shows your emotions is it about.

I should admit that It was not a big surprise for me when at some point I realized there have been many times when I have feel that I like somebody but I have not feel completed at all, and not only talking about sentimental couples, I’m talking about jobs, things, moments, and even friends. The huge surprise came to me when I figured it out how obvious and real that quote in my life is, and I want to share this with you because maybe you are feeling the same thing and you didn’t even realize it. Remember, sometimes we don’t know we are feeling something until we say it out loud.

Dic27-18 Washington (83)

I discovered that you can taste the real sense of the quote every single minute that you spend with your love, your friend, your partner, your half, or whatever you want to call to that person who you chose to share your life, you can taste it when he/she takes care of you on the sick days, or when he supports you on your project, plans or just your whims, or when he warms you on the cold days, and he still tells you that he loves you during the hot nights while each one sleeps on a separate edge of the bed because of the sweaty summer, or when he wakes you up with a hot cup of coffee or a cold Coca depending of  what happened the night before… Or when he just makes you smile because of the sound of his voice on the other side of the phone after a long and hard day, or when you both make fun of yourselves and cannot stop laughing, or when you are driving while singing and dancing that song that you would never sing if you were not together.

Nov30-18 (2)


You understood that you love despite when you are very aware that he is not perfect, but for you is your “one”, your “eternal crush” and your “forever”. When you stop to wonder “what would happen if” and you start to enjoy the now, the present, without complaints, assumptions or yearnings… 


May31-18 (3)

And I know it because that was exactly what happened to me, and I can’t be more grateful to have heard “You like because but you love despite”, because it was one of the opportunities that life had for telling me: Hey, you’re right where you should be!

Nov29-18 (2)

***You can find the Spanish version in my previous post.***

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