After having spent three followed Halloween in this country, under their customs and experiences, I believe this is a great time to share my learns and invite all of you, if you have the chance, do not hesitate to living them.

Halloween 2016: Visit “Salem” the witches town on Massachusetts, a magic place full of stories, Myths and legends, a witch house, awesome decoration, and even their own witches museum, is clearly one of the suggested experiences to have a perfect Halloween in this country. Their houses architecture, the street lights, and the true story  about the witch farm which happened there in 1962, which leave as consequence a mass hysteria in the town, the sentence to go to the gallows for 13 women and 6 mans accused to practice witchcraft and the incarceration for more than 150 mans and women. All previous is undoubtedly only a few motivational facts to go and visit the town. and if you can go wearing your custom or at least with funny or scary paint on your face, the experience will be much better, it will be a whole hit. I can tell!



Halloween 2017: Pick your own pumpkin from a big harvest field, bring it home, pick a pretty or spooky design, cut it, decorate it, then put some candles inside it and project the beauty of your creation on the dark, is another cool plan for this season. Maybe the first time you make it, your design won’t be perfect, because you need a little bit of very good pulse to draw the stencil on the pumpkin with a sharpie, and a lot of precision to cut in the right way the shape, edges and don’t remove from the pumpkin some pieces that should be there. Trust me, is pretty easy remove the wrong piece and let the piece you should remove. -_- It happened to me!



Halloween 2018: If the weather, your work, your classes, the previous compromises or just the desire, do not let you go outside, but even so you want to be part of the party and have your own perfect Halloween. I suggest making some “Spooky dishes” playing a little bit with food, shapes, textures, colors and using your creativity as your best partner to having fun as a child. Some easy, fast and practices recipes are: Bloody fingers and Murder octopus (sausages), Indigestible pumpkin (clementines, nachos and guacamole), Monster’s eyes (boiled egg, black olives, dijon mustard and ketchup), Toast stones (toasted bread with dijon mustard), Cooling spiders (grapes) and the always inevitable Home-made chocolate brownie (decorate with dijon mustard). I know this sweet and salty mixed does not sounds very good at first, but I can guarantee you it’s taste is completely awesome. You can not imagine how delicious it is if you also, join it with a glass of sparkling wine, a good Lambrusco, is my favorite. ❤ You can not imagine what a delish it is!

20181031_222755 copy

All this, without mentioned the Manhattan Halloween Parade, the decorations of the scary houses at Brooklyn, the thematics restaurants at Williamsburg, the street parade at Jackson Heights and infinity of plans, traditions, and customs that I’m sure I don not know yet; but surely I will experiment later. For now, let’s keep enjoying the next Thanksgiving and get ready because is coming the better and happiest time of the year. Christmas is coming!

***You can find the Spanish version in my previous post.***

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