IMG-20180920-WA0031Two years ago it was my first day at the capital of the world, the place where I had never dreamed of being, my first day at New York City. I remember that it was completely scary, the mixture of feelings and emotions was indescribable, sadness, uncertainty, fear of the unknown, a thousand of things went through my mind and those did not let me enjoy as much as I should. However, I had the best tour guide, the most patient and understanding. My bearded guy.

Nine months ago it was my first day in the job that I longed for, a Photography Magazine at the heart of the big apple: Manhattan. In fact, it was much better than my last first day, nevertheless, I was full of nerves, very anxious and cautious as the occasion deserves. Or at least; that was what I thought.

A couple days ago it was my first day of my Master at New York University; NYU. You have no idea the different way in which I lived it, without intending it, noticing, and without looking for it, I can tell, it was fully opposite to my las first days; I felt as fish in the water. It was like we usually say in Colombia: Una chimba!  

That is why I decided to share with all of you a small compilation of “Basic rules” which on my opinion, can works for everybody make a satisfactory one or at least more tractable day instead of the terrifying first day; and by the way, this is absolutely applicable to any kind of situation. Let’s see.


  1. Do not overdo anxiety. If this what is happening was longed for you, surely you had enough time to think about it. Do not put all your mind in it within a few hours before this new adventure. Not worth it, you will be full of fears, doubts, and you will going to predispose yourself. 
  2. Fix bad habits, but do not improvise. If the punctuality is not your strong, take advantage of this chance to create a new image of you in front of others. Nobody or at least 90% of the people that you will meet there, do not know you that is why they do not have a previous image of you. Arrive on timed and start to build this new profile of punctual person. As they say there: British punctuality, buddy.
  3. Comfortable but not Obnoxious. Pick comfortable clothes, with which you feel good and if you think it is not enough appropriate for the occasion, add a fancy accessory which is not very striking, but which is able to steal a couple of look (because of your good taste, clearly). Watch out with tight clothes, very short ones, or those that you need to put in the right place every single minute.
  4. Phone and attention are not a good fit. If your phone is not strictly necessary in this day. I suggest you, keep it mute, not even in vibrate. You do not want it to steal your time and distract you from the real important things like listening, learning and if you do not get something; ask it.
  5. Ask for, do not eat doubts. Do not be afraid of look weird or nerd just because of ask something that could be obviousness for others. If you eat your doubts, they are going to stay around your head and do not let you go ahead with the next step, conversely they will stuck you on it and surely it wil direct you to the deep abyss of mistakes.
  6. Do not pretend be the star of the day. Please! Nothing worse and bored that a person who only talk about their experiences, their knowledges, their preferences, their, their, and their. It is fine you share your opinion but first, you must listening to others, analyze their points, and pay attention to who is talking or telling you their things. Sometimes, or almost always; is more valued silent than protagonist. I assure you.
  7. Last but not least, Smile and be kind! Show everybody that although it seems difficult, at the end of the day we should keep better moments in our heart and worst ones in our head to learn from it and do not repeat it. Remember sometimes the simple details or small things can make easier and happier days.

I must admit I am not the kind of person who wait very excited for the first day, and conversely I wish the previous hours are eternal, however I learned that when we finally have what we wanted; we should assume it and take it with the same enthusiasm and courage or even more than we had when we asked for it.

***You can find the Spanish version in my previous post.***

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