Let’s talk about dads, or in my case about my daddy.

Dedicated to Oscar López on this Father’s Day… During many years we have been listening   “Mother there is only one but father could be anyone”. So, let me tell you I am absolutely in disagreement with that; as we all know fathers doesn’t have the opportunity to giving birth, but we all know that are they the first love in a girl life and obviously the most important man in a woman life. Those who are women and has been the luck to have a dad as mine, could understand me. 

To contextualized a bit with Father’s Day celebration, let’s come back into the history to find that this date was created in 1.910 by Sonora Smart, who had a Veteran father who lost his wife, widowed and was focused on his children. Although this special date was popular during Second World War, it was not officially decreed until 1.966 when Lyndon B. Johnson President of the United Stated of America proclaimed the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day, being nowadays the fifth celebration in which more money is invested annually. Curious Fact!

When you are a girl and you grow with a daddy next to you, you can learn a lot of things, you open your mind to a different way to think, act and feel, you learn to give a huge importance to reason and to not let yourself by your heart, you also learn to be brave and stand up right after you fall down without spilling tears; because from your dad you learn that your tears worth a lot and those can not spilling in vain, you understand hundred ways to demonstrate love, support and worry, ways beyond of the words, you comprehend the importance of have a firm hand since yours thoughts to your acts and why not, you can learn also to be radical in many things which are so difficult because of you have a sweetness of a woman heart. When you are a girl and walk next to a Daddy like mine, you learn to be exigent, very demanding! Because you do not allow anyone inferior to your dad be part of your life, because you demand the man stay with you should have many thing that you admire from your Daddy, because many times of the father figure that you have in your mind, you take out the staff with which you measure the men you allow to enter your life. I know because it happens to me. Or has it not happened to them that there comes a point where they realize that the man next to you, whether they are friends, boyfriends or husbands, has a lot of things similar to your fathers? Analyze it!


Everyone says you can not talk abut you do not lived, or you do not know or you ignore, but conversely, you can talk about your experiences or feelings. That is way today I am talking from my feelings, from a daughter heart who feels the luckiest to have the best man as her daddy. I am talking from the experiences that I have been based on the learns from him, from the tenacity, the requirement, the courage and the forcefulness that I carry in my soul thanks to my Daddy. Today I am talking from my experience to controvert that they say about father could be anyone, because that is not true!, many mans can not stand that tag. Father is who see us like a girls of his eyes, and who although wish to protects us all the times, opens our wings to fly, who teach us to look behind to remember, drop off and appreciate, but also is who teach us to look forward to receive, face and continue advancing without failing.

Let’s celebrate Father’s day with the pride for having the best in our lives, with the gratitude we feel to see all the learned and inherited from them, and with the firm certainty of always, no matter what, no matter age, the distance or the time elapsed, we will always be the girls of his eyes, the princess of his world and the babies of Daddy. 



***You can find the Spanish version in my previous post.***

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