We are in the World Cup, again!

I can remember perfectly last World Cup, Brazil 2014. I can feel again the anxious that I had for fill the album, the excitement because of the games, the friends meetings to celebrate or regret, although almost always was to celebrate; except of “That was Yepes Goal” and obviously  of the amount of tears shed during the unforgettable game Brazil Vs Colombia on July 4th, 2014 at the Castelão Stadium. Which gave us a unexpected result. There is not need to remember  that must of the Colombians or all of us dreamed with the classification to the final game and certainly we had our faith in those 90 minutes. 

Faith that was increasing during the game and no matter what on the first 7 minutes, Thiago Silva drove the ball to the goal and he did the first one on the game. Quickly Juan Guillermo Cuadrado made a clean shot and he was so close to make the game tie, however he din’t achieve it. Later, when the clock dialed 24 minutes of the second part, David Luiz made a new gol, the second one for Brazil, left us speechless but with eyes full of tears and heart beating very fast. Missing little to ending the game came James Rodríguez and with a penalty payment he gave us the happiness of the celebration, jump, feel and keep crying because of the first Colombia ’s  goal and the chance to continue, tie and why not? even win the game. Between all the show from Neymar Jr., looking to waste time and the consequences of let the panic seize us; the game ended with a horrible score: 2-1. Yup, that Friday July 4th Brazil eliminated us. But, we were secure strengthened as believing fans, lovers of a powerful, risky, prepared and above all hopeful selection.


Today, 4 years later, all of us woke up more excited than ever, being 1 of the 5 countries who buy tickets to go assist to the games on the World Cup Russia 2018, with the tension to watch our players on the field again, together, sweating minute by minute, from initial whistle and being with them in mind and soul until final whistle, with the anxiety of watch the games in family with friends, making sure we are the best soccer commentator in the world, showing our love for soccer which was inherited by our family; parents, grandparents, uncles and even cousins. We can not promise let’s be calm down, conversely I am absolutely sure we will have louder yells, big jumps, funny jingles, hugs for the next one to, kisses for our t-shirt and flag and of courses tears… those will be in a lot; because that’s how we are Colombian people; happy, emotional, sensitive, and definitely  passionate for our soccer team.


***You can find the Spanish version in my previous post.***

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