Trying to do not touch cliché topics on my blog, I should not even talk about Mother’s Day, but… How could I not do it? If commercially speaking, this is only one day to celebrate and commemorate this event, all of us know there is not a day whitout thinking in ours moms, no matter if it is on May, August, September or February. Every single day something brings to our minds those wonderful humans who gave us life, and thanks God they are still here, guiding ours path with those indescribable love that only a mother feels for her children (I have no idea how it feels, but they say that is “indescribable” and to be honest we all trust them).

Did you know that 86% of Americans are planning to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, spending close to an all time record high of an average $180 per person, and on the top of the gift list are jewelry, shoes, trips and dinners? Maybe for some of you guys this number is absolutely fine, or just normal, or even for somebody it is less than they deserve, because they are mothers and anything will never be enough for them. Is a good moment to mention that nowadays with the high consumerism levels and thanks to our not very smart decisions and including the impressive job of advertising and marketing, this is a promising year for print cards, chocolates and flowers in the whole American continent, what makes me say: Well played colleagues advertisers!

Basing on the fact that I share already some flashbacks come to my mind and I would like to mentioned because of the topic we are talking about, I will tray to be brief, promise. When I was on elementary school we used to make most of the gifts for Mother’s Day on art class and it never costed more than $5, latter on high school letters, decoration stuff or flowers were our best strategy to celebrate this day to Mommy and I say “our” because I was never alone in this job, Daddy was always with me and he was very interested to celebrate special dates by the best way, afterward came home our baby birdie, my little sister and since then we are one force to celebrate and surprise mommy.

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Years latter, when I was at the University and I had a job, gifts and celebrations were changing at the same time salaries was growing. However, in our minds we always had the idea of makes her happy, and it does not means buy the more expensive gift or take her to the famous and top restaurants of the city, make her happy means share time with her, more than the usual, understand her opinions , comprehend her pleasures even if they are not the same of us, offer her a coffee when she arrives at home after work and ask her how was her day?… It is that easy to keep mom happy! Listening and worrying about her feelings, thoughts and emotions, showing with little details that she is the best gift that God could give us, and we appreciate every single second of her existence, that she is the first female example we have in our life and which undoubtedly we want to follow her steps, giving her our time and sharing our life with her.

Certainly I am not sure what was the mean reason which push me up to write this entrance, if it was to know the fact that I mentioned, or let me spread the emotion that Mother’s Day generate, or if it was because of being away from home this day, or if maybe it was just the wish of share this with you guys. But I am pretty sure that even without being part of the mothers club, I perfectly understand what they want, which is not so far from what they deserve. I agree undoubtedly with “You can buy everything, except love”, and I add: lot less if mother’s love we are talking about. Nowadays I appreciate a lot each coffee that I have taken with Mommy, every chat we have had, each advice we have share and every single laugh we have given, and I really wish with my whole heart a huge mommy’s hug every day, but even more I wish it on the moments when life shows me no matter age, experiences, or feelings, in my inside I am as small as when I was in her womb.

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***You can find the Spanish version in my previous post.***

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