For a long time, the fact that we can dream and believe in our dreams or nightmares has been mythologized, censured, or even sawed like premonitions and warnings for someones…

In my case, particularly, I am a woman who dreams a lot, I could say that I do every single night, and sometimes, I have more than just one dream per night. Fortunately, about 95% of these times, I can remember my dreams or nightmares, even all the details, so describe those is not complicated at all, and feeling the same emotions and sensations that I already experienced while I was asleep.

When I started to have some spiritual approaches with some ancestors from the “Muisca” community I learned that you have to listen to your dreams, and pay attention to them. It was about 10 years ago by life things when I met a Muisca grandfather with whom I had the chance to share some deep sentimental and emotional chats, leaving a lesson and reminding me how I can find calm in the middle of my own existentialist chaos, and for sure, part of that calm was relative to my dreams.

Imagine this; That was Me, a random college girl, who believes a lot in God, Catholic, going deeply to a different old culture, which is kind of the origin of our Colombian society. Facing other thoughts than my usual ones, completely different to my own, and ones that I had for my whole life, other beliefs, which seemed sort of absurd to me, being honest. And facing few behaviors and practices that shocked me, because of their nature, looking a bit impressive…

That kind of thing happens, when you have so deeply lots of preconceptions, and some taboo regarding what is “not is normal”. And not because it is truly not normal, but because for me, and some of you who never had ever explored that before, it is something… different, and is here when we are made the mistake to confuse “different” with “it is not normal”. What silly people we are!

So, touching the point, the thing here is that thanks of the catholic bases that I have in my life because of my parents and grandparents, plus the analysis that I have done about my dreams, and the followed facts that I have experienced, adding the learnings with the Muisca community and all the research that I accomplished by years concerning the dreams, I understood that they are the faithful representation of four essential facts in life:

  1. The scars of the subconscious: These are all the marks that you already have in your life, but you don’t know that you have. It could be because the acts so shocked, or even it was very superficial according to your subconscious, which makes your conscious blocked them from your easy memories, but it does not mean those just disappear. The mind uses the moment of the sleep, when your conscious is kind of “helpless”, for making flash appears, and remember you that you still have some unfinished matters with that specific situation that you just dreamed.
  2. The wishes of your heart: Opposite to the scars of the subconscious, the wishes of your heart were so well tattooed in your life, and they leave a significant mark in your heart, reflected in the emotions that you can even feel when you remember these episodes. Those wishes may be showing emotional satisfaction or disappointments that have you had, and you want to repeat, or which you have never had, and you want to feel for the first time.
  3. The desires of the mind: Here is when we start to get technical, putting logic to the situation. The desires of the mind are those deep high wishes we have for success, achieve, reach a goal, or start and finish a project, and that obviously is affecting our mind more than usual, and not precisely taking away our sleep or bring in insomnia.
  4. The calm of the soul: Even if nowadays “soul” is pointing more than one list of keywords, or frequently used words, is almost necessary to accept and recognize that the search of the calm of the soul, starts to be an essential part in our whole life, and something that we should get to apply. Because it is here, in the dreams and nightmares where the wishes of the heart and the desires of the mind begin to take shape and where we can bring to land and adjust to our reality, using all the elements that the conscious and subconscious left us through our dreams.


Therefore, I truly believe that those four facts are the starting point that we can observe very slowly if we are trying to understand dreams or nightmares. Because I strongly believe dreams are not the product of chance or coincidences, either some episodes that the mind without reason, neither just dumb people things, which we don’t need to pay attention. But rather, I feel faithfully dreams are one of the purest and innate expressions that mind, heart, and soul found to raise the hand, and quietly let us know that no matter how busy we are in our day by day, we can not lose that essence, that spark that we all have well inside, which is the manager of making us unique, authentic, and exceptionally genuine.

***You can find the Spanish version in my previous post.***

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