I have heard many women complaining because they think is nothing to celebrate, or because today nobody should congratulate them or say “Happy Women’s Day”… Well, everyone creates their own reality, I know that!, but I also know some opinions are created based on fake information, trending or even ignorance of history. That’s why today I decided to bring some of the many reasons that women have to celebrate each March 8th and take over this date as our day, one of many.

While it is true that today we commemorate the horrible event occurred in 1911 in a New York textile factory, which resulted in a loss of more than 140 women workers (mostly), it does not mean in any way that we can not celebrate the historical achievements in favor of women. Because hey girl, you should know that “celebrate” and “commemorate” are two words that can also be united in the same sentence, ladies! Who said that it is commemorated or celebrated, but not both? Who??? Then, read here:

  • From 1857, March became the month of worker mobilizations in search of the rights of working women.
  • In 1908 in New York City, more than 1.500 women asked for the right to vote for women, significant salary improvements and more dignified conditions for women, including the reduction of working hours, were demanded through a large mobilization, yes, also for women.
  • In 1910 the Socialist International proclaimed the “International Women’s Day” in favor of women’s rights and universal suffrage was established for us, women.
  • During the First World War and thanks to the Feminist Motserrat Barba Pan; March 8 was chosen as the official date for women to stand united, against tyranny and in favor of peace and equality.
  • In 1977, the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) finally proclaimed International Women’s Day.
  • Every March 8th we make a tribute to all the women who died in that atrocious accident, who were an essential part of our history and who, with their actions.
  • Today is a day to celebrate with joy and emotion, for everything achieved through history in favor of our voice, our vote and our active participation in this society.


Only 42 years have passed since the first day of women was made official, let’s work for millions more! Let’s not be those women who ruin the valuable memories and the unforgettable history that has us today where we are, those who ruin with a rough, harsh, hateful and empty “Today I do not celebrate anything”, the will of many to celebrate, say “hey, you rock girl” and congratulate us. Let’s enjoy more, celebrate more, smile more, and delete from our mind and our history that stereotyped image of a conformist woman, who is good at complaining about everything, putting obstacles to everything, who prefers to go against the current and fight for everything from the comfort of their chair and through the screen of their computer or their phone, without looking beyond their social networks or what the media wants to inform them.

Let’s being those women who celebrate history as such, the evolution of it, the results left by those marches, those mobilizations, those protests, that fire, and let’s raise our voices to say none of that was in vain and although some left lamentable results and even took lives, we are here to make respect all achieved and not let die the voice of those who are no longer. Let’s be those who appreciate a “Happy Women’s Day” with a big smile and a deep hug and work from within to materialize all those desires that still have to be fulfilled, to educate our society and to remember our history, to improve it day by day and to create ourselves our own, unique and unforgettable history.



***You can find the Spanish version in my previous post.***

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