Despite living with multiple Artificial Intelligence systems every single day and taking them with us even making them part of our routine, are we really aware of the importance and impact that this has generated in our culture, in our lives, and in our society?

For a lot of people, the Artificial Intelligence term is perfectly understood, for others not so much and for someone, it is a little bit confusing. That is why I want to make a brief explanation of the concept before surf inside. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein, define Artificial Intelligence as “the ability of a system to correctly interpret external data, to learn from such data and use that knowledge to achieve specific tasks and goals through flexible adaptation”, basically learn and solve problems. Bruno Lopez Takeyas defines it as a branch of computational science responsible for studying and subsequently carrying out activities of human beings based on reasoning and behavior. Understanding this, we have four types of Artificial Intelligence: systems that think like humans, systems that act like humans, systems that think rationally and systems that act rationally (the ideal).


Now, let’s mention some examples of Artificial Intelligence nowadays; the recognition of writing, speech and patterns are just some, we also have automatic planning and control systems, software development, variation in video games and computer games where if you make a choice it means an endless number of situations that would not happen if you had chosen another way, or where you simply follow a pattern because the game does not present another scenario to create choices; facial or fingerprint recognition when you unlock your phone, the virtual voice assistants you have at home like “Alexa: from Amazon,” Siri “from Apple,” Bixby “from Samsung or” Ok Google “obviously from Google; the prediction and prediction of alternate routes or better options offered by Google Maps or Waze to move and find a specific location, and this only personal field speaking. Now, speaking in business or business terms; fraud detection systems in the financial sector, templates for application of credit and financial or debt capacity, virtual aids for customers (via phone or web), technical support chat and multiple other options…

Indeed, did you know that in the South West of Japan there is already a Hotel called “Henn Na Hotel” which has a staff of robots, mostly occupying positions related to customer service as a receptionist, buttons, among others? Not to mention the infinite amount of Artificial Intelligence that is already being used but of which we have no knowledge for the simple fact of not being of public access.

Therefore, there are many expressions of Artificial Intelligence that joy us daily and of which we are not yet a hundred percent conscious because they are tools of mass use. Which does not mean that for not seeing them as such cease to be: “types of Artificial Intelligence.” What I want to highlight with these mentions is that many of us became dependent on these tools, today, technological progress, mass consumption and routine have allowed us to enjoy these benefits and always ask for more, more innovation, more innovation, more reach, more ease. 

We are a generation that is looking forward to the next discovery to obtain it, evaluate it, qualify it and always try to improve it. And it’s not bad, at all, we are that starving generation full of hunger to know, to explore and above all to share or show, we are that kind of people who are at the forefront, who analyzes, who undertakes, who innovates and above all, that enjoys the new discoveries, that adopts them as their own and that takes full advantage of their benefits to fulfill fully, with one of the main objectives of, in this case, the Artificial Intelligence… MAKE LIFE A LITTLE BIT EASIER!


***You can find the Spanish version in my previous post.***

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